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The Listo Pencil Corporation was formed in 1921 with the idea of creating a mechanical, refillable marker that would write on any surface. The product that derived from that vision is still being produced today. It is our No. 1620.

This marker, commonly referred to as a grease or china marker, will write on just about any surface, even under water. It will wipe off of any slick, non-porous surface, such as glass, with a dry cloth. It is completely non-toxic, making it safe for use around food. Its uses are endless. Its industries are numerous.

Give us a try. We are the only manufacturers of a mechanical grease marker. Others have tried to compete with us, but all have failed.

Marking Pencil

America's best-selling mechanical marking pencil. Strong, thick wax base lead for big, bold marking. Writes on metal, wood, glass, plastics, paper almost any surface imaginable. Wipes off with cloth or tissue.

Custom Printing on Pencils is available. Custom imprinting on smooth plastic barrel, available on request

Listo Marking Pencils Boxed #1620B
Packed 12 each per box.

Also available blister carded.

Listo Marking Leads Refill Leads
Boxed #162B
Packed 6 sticks per tube,12 tubes/box.

Also available blister carded.

Pencil with Chain Pencil with Chain
#1620BKY Black
Packed 12 each per box.

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